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The Most Product Choices

Homestar offers the most mortgage choices

  • Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • FHA Insured Mortgages
  • VA Mortgages
  • Interest Only Mortgages
  • State Housing Mortgages
  • First Time Homebuyer Mortgages
       NO Closing Costs
       NO Points
       NO Down Payment
  • Construction Loans
  • Refinancing
  • Investment Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Lines of Credit

Homestar is both a Banker & Broker, which means they have complete control of the mortgage transaction.

First Time Homebuyers:

You only buy your first home once, and with Homestar’s guidance it can be a stress-free, enjoyable experience. Here are some of the popular programs Homestar can provide:

Rhode Island Housing

Offers a number of programs through Homestar Mortgage, from low-interest, low down payment loans for the first time homebuyer, or for rehab of older homes.

Massachusetts Housing programs through Homestar, provide MA residents with low and moderate incomes who may be under-served by conventional markets.

FHA mortgage’s through Homestar, are backed by the U.S. government, insured against loss and carry an interest rate that’s competitive or lower than the best interest rate in your local marketplace.

VA mortgages are now available for most qualified veterans and active duty military in high cost areas, with no money down. Also, many VA loans are guaranteed and are often assumable. You can choose from fixed or adjustable rate mortgages.

No Cost Pre-Approval

Talk to Homestar about how much home you can afford and get pre-approved before you begin your house search. You will know exactly how much you can reasonably afford to pay per month for mortgage and taxes.

Getting pre-approved means you receive a loan commitment from Homestar even before you have found the home you want, based on a timely review of your credit and finances. Pre-approval say’s to all you are a qualified buyer and helps you establish the homes clearly affordable price range.

Homestar will pre-approve you at no cost so your presentation to the seller leaves no questions regarding your ability to buy your dream house. The sellers should take you more seriously because they’ll know that you can afford what you’ve offered and that financing is not an issue. This could be especially helpful if you happen to be one of many buyers making an offer.

Pre–approval by Homestar reduces the time between your purchase and sale agreement and your closing. Homestar’s experienced team of home appraisers, attorneys and title companies bring your transaction to a secure completion.


Homestar can help determine if refinancing makes sense for your own situation. They will explain all of your options: Do you refinance to lower your rate? Refinance to build equity faster? Choose a fixed–rate mortgage or acquire the cash for any number of uses?

Contact us right now for all of your mortgage needs. Whether you are
a first time home buyer, or whether your looking for a new construction
loan or refinancing your existing mortgage, Homestar’s professionals
can be your most invaluable resource.

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